Satin bonnet

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    Navy blue and Mustard yellow


    This reversible navy blue Satin Hair Bonnet made with quality satin.
    – It is fully lined with high-end red satin fabric.
    – The beauty of this bonnet is that both sides can be worn comfortably.
    – You pay a price for dual usage. An ideal offer for the fashionista.
    – Generous sizing and excellent fit. Will stay on all night no worries.
    – Big enough to fit medium size braids.

    Navy blue and Cream Satin Bonnet


    The benefit of satin lining is that it helps reduce friction and hair damage while you’re tossing and turning in your sleep. Also retains moisture of the hair.

    Black Satin Bonnet


    Protect your hair from excessive drying by sleeping with a satin bonnet. Perfect for medium to long hair (braids, locks and tresses).
    The interior satin provides moisture retention, prevention of hair loss and minimisation of tension and stress on the hair, scalp and skin.

    Protecting your hair from moisture-absorbing cotton pillowcases is a key, inexpensive way to retain your hair and maintain your hairstyle. Rubbing your hair against a cotton pillowcase during the night creates tension, absorbs moisture out of your hair and creates a perfect opportunity for breakage. Wearing the Najadon satin bonnet protects your hair while you sleep.

    Jaja Satin Bonnet


    Satin bonnet in a single layer with a reversible side of satin with an African fabric band. Look trendy while sleeping and wake up with your hair looking great.

    Naja Satin Bonnet


    This reversible satin hair bonnet for sleeping will protect your hair from damage caused by pillows! Your hair will stay in place all night long! Wake up with your hair looking fresh!!!